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Query ExPlus  v.

Database Query Tool - MS Query Analyzer look-alike.

Cache Monitor  v.0.34

Cache Monitor 0.34 is always available to get support as a developer for InterSystems database Cache.It supports developers with features, like advanced SQL Query Editor with foreign key join suggestion, Cache-SQL Syntax highlighting, SQL Code

SqlDbx  v.3.43

SqlDbx 3.43 provides you with a handy and useful Database IDE / SQL editor / SQL query tool for database and application developers. Syntax highlighting, Intellisense, Auto complete, Block select mode, Speed Typing, Schema Scripting, Schema Browser,

Mysql query  v.1.0

mysqlquery is a GUI application like Microsoft Query Analyzer,it is based on QT framework . you can use SQL Language access your mysql easily. it is free . bugs

EMS SQL Manager 2007 Lite for Oracle  v.1.2

Simplify and automate your database development process, design, explore and maintain existing databases, build compound SQL query statements, manage database user rights and manipulate data in different ways.

Query Reporter  v.2.0

Query Reporter 2.0 offers users a professional and simple tool to create and run HTML reports from the results of a SQL query against an Oracle database.Major Features:You can define tabular, break, and master/detail reports.You can refine the layout

SQL Widget  v.1.0

SQL Widget is a SQL query tool written in Visual Basic and distributed as freeware. SQL Widget may be downloaded and used without restriction. SQL Widget allows you to: Create and store any dB connection supported by the Microsoft MDAC 2.7 or

Java Persistence Query Browser  v.1.0

Java Persistence API Query Browser is a database client tool for users to execute JQL (Java Persistence Query Language). The web-based client aims to provide an interface and functionalities just like a usual SQL query browser on a usual database.

SQL Exp  v.1.0

SQL Exp intend to be a cross-platform SQL query editor and executor. Aim is to display (and alter) databases structure, manage a set of user scripts, edit stored procedures and local scripts, execute (and edit; when possible) SQL statements.

Kapta SQL Mapper  v.1.0

Kapta is a very simple mapper for SQL query, stored procedure or functions, based on Java annotation.

Query-Objects  v.2.0.0

Query-Objects is a highly visual SQL query builder component that leverages on the power of .

Flex SQLAdmin  v.2.1

SQLAdmin is an online version of query analyzer for Microsoft SQL Server written in Flex and ASP.NET. Features include a graphical execution plan, syntax highlighting, live table editing, tabbed query windows, an object browser and

K PHP Develop  v.

K PHP Develop is an integrated Web development tool designed for team work. It supports HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL syntax highlighting and file locking. It also has a query analyzer and database access (depends on KSQL

Visual Basic utilities  v.20071207085454

Utilities and source code libraries written in Visual Basic Classic (VB6). Currently: a source code analyzer; an app to copy templates/date-time stamp to clipboard or manipulate VB6/SQL code in the clipboard; & an ODBC/ADO SQL query template

CachU Monitor  v.0.32

Cache Monitor is an SQL development tool for InterSystems database Cache. It supports developers with features, like: advanced SQL Query Editor with FK-JOIN hints,SQL Syntax highlighting,SQL Code completion, Graphical SQL execution plan and many more

ODBC View  v.3.4.0

ODBCView is a free SQL query tool to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL statement to execute. The data is then displayed on a read-only grid or it can be exported to a external CSV or

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